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Chinese Learning with Secretary Services in China

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We provide secretary services for companies, schools, and individuals. Why should you work with us? We have a group of local Chinese team members located in ShenZhen, which is one of the most developed cities in China. Our team is ready to help your business.

- Limited to 25 instances a month, some examples of one instance are:

-Translate a one letter size page (commercial use such as writing an email/letter)
-Make a 10 minute phone call in China
-Practice a 20 minute one-on-one oral Chinese conversation

-Reserve a hotel or train ticket in China

-Enroll in a school in China

-Survey the market prices in China for a commercial item

-Help contact local government services

- Instances are usually completed within 24 hours

- Instances do not carry over from month to month

Includes a one time creation of a Chinese web storefront at

View demo here

-Web storefront includes: Homepage, Gallery, Forum, E-commerce, Contact Us
-Web storefront will be maintained as long as subscription is active

手指指示Please contact us regarding different plans with more instances or fill out the form and start a free trial. We aim to provide the best services for you.