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The Institute of Global Culinary Education offers highly regarded twelve to 18-month vocational programs in Culinary Arts with Robot Chefs, Culinary Management and Hospitality Management, as well as workshop and internship programs for culinary interested people. With a global curriculum and an aggressive entrepreneurial focus in applying robots in culinary industry, IGCE supports novices and professionals to begin or continue a wide range of culinary careers, including starting your own restaurant.


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We are an online education schools,our feature is robot chef.And our mission is to provide the best possible online learning experience and to support people's lifelong learning with the goal to create a versatile life by learning useful knowledge, practical skills, and field study world wise in culinary industry.we would teach you how to use a robot chef and how to creat your own caree by use robot chef.Our courses are all free,every course would take five weeks.




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